The Muppets

This is Milly, Maggie and Max. Along with their brother Micky, came into care with RED DOT Dogs. Usually I can’t wait to upload photos of new pups but these little ones were in such a sorry state, I held off.

The Muppets
The Muppets, Day 15 in care

They were the result of an unplanned mating – the owner didn’t realise his bitch was on heat and a visitor’s dog got her in pup. “Skinny, scared and smelly” summed up the pups’ condition.

First stop was a bath, then to the vet for worming and vaccinating and back home for some high quality food and TLC.


Because of their unknown health status, poor condition and vulnerability to illness they were quarantined away from other dogs so they would not be exposed to any illnesses, or pass on any diseases they may be incubating that weren’t yet evident.

After arriving, we were thrilled to see them grow in both size and confidence.

They were wormed and vaccinated again and socialised with vaccinated dogs in a contained area that was known to be safe from contamination.

Their personalities showed as they settled in – there was a Miss Independent, a smoocher, a shy guy and a shadow.

All four “muppets” have now found new homes. They went to a range of situations – two went to families, two went to couples, some households had other four-legged companions – but all were assessed and chosen to give the best possible chance of success for both the dogs and their new owners.

All the adopters commented how gentle-natured these pups were. We are so glad RED DOT could give them a chance at a new life.