When RED DOT Animal Programs began, we planned to focus on – Rehoming, Educating & Desexing (RED). Rehoming has quickly became a large part of RED DOT’s activities.

Each time an animal is rehomed, another can be taken into care – whether it be from a pound, out of a bad situation or from an owner who can not longer keep their pet.

We learn something from each animal in care and gain immeasurable satisfaction from matching a pet to a new owner.

Some of their stories are below.

sassyI LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl. Sassy was surrendered to us as her owner could no longer keep her. After we did her vet work, she was adopted by a beautiful family who fell in love with her at first sight. Who could blame them?

We received the following message from her former owner when we described the home she went to: “That’s great. I’m glad she is happy. She deserves it and thank you so much for letting me know.”

jayjayheadshotLarger than life Jay Jay is another owner surrender whose change in circumstances meant they could no longer keep him. From his former owner “Thank you so very much!!! Don’t know what I would have done if someone like you never took him. You do a great job!!”

Jay Jay is in great hands with his new owner who is committed to bringing his weight down and giving him a great life.

Meet “the muppets”. They arrived “skinny, scared and smelly”. Look at them now! Read their story here…

The Muppets
The Muppets

From the picture on the left to the picture on the right in two weeks. But this SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED. This is perfectly preventable. Dogs’ collars should be checked regularly.

chain collar 1 chain collar 2

sally close upThe gorgeous Sally was bred to work, but didn’t show any interest in sheep. Her owners were unwilling to put her down because of her nice nature, but they had no use for her on the property. Fortunately for Sally, her owners were directed to us. Sally quickly became accustomed to life as a pet being fussed over and has gone to a wonderful home with two boys for mates.

Reggie-sml Riley-sml Rosie-sml Roy-sml

The mum of these pups had a large litter and, as is often the case, the owners were not able to rehome all of the pups. The final pups were growing bigger, were ready to commence training but there was no need for them on the property. RED DOT has found suitable pet homes for them that will give them the exercise and mental stimulation they will need.

jack1 samandjackplay sam1

Jack and Sam were the result of an unplanned romance between a border collie mum and “the dog down the road” in a rural NSW town. They have both found wonderful new homes – coincidentally, both around Sydney’s northern beaches with two different families.