The PUP Program provides assistance to owners wanting to desex their animals, but find the cost is too high. We can provide assistance to offset the cost of desexing.

The PUP Program helps offset the cost of desexing by offering vouchers for goods and services to participants who have their dogs desexed.

Here’s an outline of how the program works.

  • Dog owners apply to participate in the PUP Program
  • After the procedure, they send in the Desexing Certificate issued by the vet
  • The vet is contacted to confirm the account has been settled
  • The dog owner is issued with vouchers for the goods and services offered by the sponsors

The program relies on the support of sponsors who generously donate items and their time. Support in past programs has included dog food, collars and leads and discount veterinary services.

If your dog has just had pups you can make this her last litter by having her desexed. If you had difficulty finding homes for her pups or are wondering if they went to good homes, you can avoid finding yourself in the same situation again. Desexing can be done as soon as the little ones are weaned at 8 weeks which will avoid the possibility of her getting pregnant again.

If you would like to have your dog desexed under the PUP Program, fill out the PUP Program Application Form.

If you are a business or individual who would like to donate items or services that can be offered to participants in the PUP Program to encourage and assist them to have their dog desexed, please contact us – we would LOVE to hear from you and really appreciate your support.

The more support for the program,
the more dogs that can be desexed –
which means fewer puppies facing an uncertain fate