RED DOT Animal Programs works to reduce the number of unwanted animals, as well as providing options for owners who are no longer able to keep their animals.

Preventing Unplanned Pups (PUP) Program
The PUP Program provides assistance to owners wanting to desex their animals, but find the cost is too high. We can provide assistance to offset the cost of desexing.

Finding Trusted Great Homes (FTGH) Program
For animal owners who find themselves with an unexpected litter, RED DOT Animal Programs may be able to help to find homes for the little ones through our own carers and our network of rescue groups. We can also help get mum spayed so you don’t find yourself in this situation again.

Puppy Promise Activity Booklet
Do your children want a puppy and promise to look after it? Try our Puppy Promise Program to test their commitment.

Rescue Partners Program
We understand that there is a lot to be done to address the problem of animals ending up in pounds. A lot more can be accomplished when combining efforts, and for this reason, we welcome opportunities to work with other partners.